Races in Ambraland

Ambralandian Dwarves

The Dwarves of Ambraland are known to be the most reclusive of the races that fill its lands, and therefore people assume the least plentiful, though these assumptions are false. They find their homes in the hillocks and developing mountains of the lands and stay there, building a clan like community as their families grow. They smith and forge and build, and are very good at it.

Ambralandian Halflings

Halflings are by far the most populous race in Ambraland. Each city has many houses of Halfling upperclassmen, and each house has many familial branches. These Halflings are known to be as jovial as they are shrewd, making use of banquets and binges as often as they do other, more practical machinations. That being said, even the most fiendish of the Halfling politicians barely holds a candle to what other noble fueled evils exist in the world.

Outside the confines of the city, in the relatively settled countryside, more independent Halfling communities are forged. These are happy little communes who celebrate frivolously and welcome all kinds of peoples (providing they're not looking to make trouble). Rumour has it that one in every five thousand of these Halflings will come out pale and gaunt, able to talk within a half year of their births. If they really do exist, they do not stick around.

Ambralandian Humans

The least plentiful race in Ambraland, though one that makes the most impact. Humans created formal versions of government, military, religious structure, and many trading agreements, and while the other races are welcome to be a part of these affairs, none will forget the impact humanity made by introducing them to it.

While the humans of Ambraland are a more serious breed of people, most will admit that staying stoic and angry is difficult when surrounded by such happy people. Very few humans, be they city folk or country bred, will turn down weary travelers from at least a spot of tea and a good folk tale.

Elves in Ambraland

The Fae folk do not make it a habit to come to Ambraland, but some who travel from the adjoining landmass of Rolthlond find their place here. Its forests are homey to them, and though the touch of industry has slithered its way into the country, vast hills and ancient monuments can still be found by those who wish to find them. Rolthlondian Elves are seen as estranged visitors who need guidance to find their place in the world, and a scant few accept it.


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