Races Within Kallien

The Kal
The first and most plentiful of the races in Kallien, desert orcs, or 'The Kal' take this place as their home. While their orcish brethren around the world have less than positive connotations, the Kal have discovered their own way to function. Each city, or town, or clan will choose a leader based on their knowledge and power, and this leader decides all. To disobey is either to pose a challenge against the current leader, or to submit yourself to punishment.
Some of the Kal leave these larger scale communities, forming nomadic travelling bands who keep on the move, either to keep themselves hard to track or to venture to new lands. Regardless of their reasoning, very few who ever leave their communities come back. Some even turn to banditry to survive as the desert plants and animals provide scant resources, but these marauders are usually dealt with fairly quickly, whether by force or by nature.

The Kel
The so called second of the races, The Kel are more commonly known as Tieflings. Rumour has it that Kallien was once an elemental wasteland, just the same as Syadinae to the west, and to calm these storms some of the Kal made pacts to halt the flow of magic. Whether or not this is true is in debate, but the Kel stand as proof that some kind of demonic intervention has occurred within Kallien's existence.
While there are less Kel than there are Kal, these demon infused peoples are known to be signs of good luck and wisdom. Rare is the community which rejects the advice of a Kel advisor, and it is hard to deny the usefulness of their arcane prowess. Whenever something magic and tainted does make its way over the western border, a Kel is always sent to assist in the removal process.
Despite all other positive factors, there is one saying that permeates the Kallien culture: "Never shake on a deal with a Kel." Few remember from whence this saying originated, but perhaps it has something to do with a possible transference of their curse.

The Kul
The last, fewest, and smallest of the major Kallien races is the Kul, or half-men. Some say they sailed from Ambraland, others from Kariseig, others that they wandered down from Derawende, but all know these tiny people to be quick and nimble, and brave to boot. They have few places in regards to positions of power or military, but as scouts, caravneers, and all things kitchen-wise, they excel. An adventuring life is near guaranteed for a Kul in Kallien, but so is an early retirement – Not due to injury or fear, but simple boredom.

The Patch-Men
The Patch-Men are not seen frequently in Kallien, and when they are seen it is rarely for long. They most resemble the Kel, skinny and wiry, but their skin does not have the leathery blacks, reds, or ivory tint one would expect. Instead, it is furred, and covered in spots, with tails trailing behind them. Most Kal would call any Patch-Man a dirty thief, but the Kel and Kul care less for them.
Some wanderers report traveling far out into the desert and finding shrines and ruins inhabited by these strange humanoids, sparring with each other, and perfecting the use of claw and tooth.


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