Races in Rolthlond

The most plentiful of all the fae folk, the Rolthlondian Elves inhabit a massive, though secluded part of the world. The clans and tribes that they make in the forests are all but a necessity, as even an individual Elf could easily get lost in the twisting tangle of their home. These Elves care little for outsiders, not shunning them but never making an effort to include them. Few will leave the forests for even the shortest of ventures, and even fewer for life.
Inside the forests, the Elves make allies with the clans that they form, and also the wildlife of the area. Often they will be seen with canine companions, or astride massive spiders, and there is many an Elven tale about a mighty hero astride a Rolthlondian unicorn, their blade glimmering silver as they ride.
Some aspects of Rolthlondian life is exceptionally Elvish, and would rarely be followed in any other parts of the world. For example, some Elven children may find themselves one day happily with their parents and community, and the next, abandoned and alone with other children, with only a short bow and five arrows each. This, so the Elves say, breeds strength in spirit and body, and warns against trust for trust's sake.

While the Elves of the world, and especially the Rolthlondian Elves, are the most Fae people of the world, the Gnomes come as a quick second. They have as many strange customs and traditions, with as many phsyical variations as the Elves. Those of mundane origin struggle to understand those who truly inhabit what it means to be "Gnomish."
The Gnomes in Rolthlond are, appropriately enough, Forest Gnomes. They are spry, jovial, devious, independent, and some would say eccentric. It is rare to find a Forest Gnome travelling with another, and even rarer to find a family of them. Elves, whether as a joke or as some kind of confusing propaganda, suggest that Gnomes do not breed as normal folk do, and instead grow from the ground, being plucked as freely as one might a mushroom. These rumors are, as all baseless ones, backed up with only a few eye witness events.
Gnomes in Rolthlond are not a plentiful race, nor a particularly influential one when compared to the often brash and often angered Elves, but if a Gnome wants themselves to be seen, it shall be so, and with great aplomb.

The Genasi in Rolthlond are an anomaly in that they were simply found there one day. Too far from Syadinae to travel without notice, and not enough elemental conflux to be born with the blood. They were not, and now they are. Mainly of the Air elements, but others of all kinds are known and, mostly, respected as a sign of good fortune. This excludes the Fire Genasi who, even though their flames see doused by the forests, are closely monitored at all times.
Socially, Genasi are not expected to do much in Rolthlond. They are free to join hunts, or practice fletching, or other simple mundane tasks, but the spiritual focus that seeps throughout Rolthlond means that they are rarely encouraged to do so. Instead, they will usually find themselves becoming priests, or studied people, with some rare positions on democratic councils in smaller communities. 


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