Races of the Yrn

The primary race making up the inhabitants of the snowy island of Yrniskarn are the Goliaths. They have a long storied history, the key of which relies on their human ancestors coming to the land and proving to the giants that true power lies in determination and spirit, not simply size. Every story of the Yrn people devolves (or evolves) into violence at some point, the claiming of heads and bloodying of blades.  When they're not looking for glory, even the most mundane of activities is dangerous in Yrniskarn. The Goliaths stay together in packs always, roaming the snow in large clans and forming cities from the mountain fingers that protrude from the earth. They are an insular people, and will not necessarily shun, but will be curious of outsiders. Until they prove themselves in martial affairs, of course. Given the lack of metal and difficult to access rock, the Goliaths must be versatile. Some tales tell of sages or scribes who can take the very ice from the ground and magick any kind of object from them, be it armour and weapons to the simply pots and pans one would need to live a civilized and comfortable life. 

At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking a Golbran just another Goliath of the Yrn. However, get to know these anomalies and you shall discover their true identity. What they share in size and presence they lack in sheer rage and hardiness they make up for with their cheer and knowledge. The Golbran focus less on death and glory and more on the harmony of the natural world found in the snows, along with being infused with the shamanistic magic of their ancestors. When pushed, the average Golbran will not hesitate to leap into battle with their Goliath allies, but it is rarely the first idea that springs to ther minds.

The Tieflings of Yrniskarn are not so lucky when it comes to glory and conquest. History tells us that they came the same time as those who are now Goliaths, but instead of joining with the giants they strode off on their own, finding arcane secrets hidden under the ice. Agreements and pacts were made, but power is slow and particular. The first of these people may have been granted capability beyond their statue, but their children came out crippled and misshapen.

These new false humans were not cut out for this land, and soon found themselves pushed to adapt or die. They survived, but barely, until they found a new race hidden in the snow, the Vildbarn, clans who change their skins as quick as their minds. They agreed to protect the Tieflings in return for some limited service, but this service soon turned to corruption, and abuse. Now the Vildbarn rule over the Tieflings, using their foul blood as fuel for secret magic and even consuming their flesh when times turn foul. Those who manage to escape are welcomed into the culture of the Yrn, though in a resentful way. Most who find their freedom will simply work until they can leave the snowy land, finding a more stable home in the nooks Ambraland, or the swamps of Kariseig.

Nobody truly knows from whence the Vildbarn come, but those who deal with them hardly care. They are suitable opponents for the Goliaths of Yrniskarn, able to take animalistic forms at a whim to enhance their strength and skill. All who know of the Vildbarn know them to be evil, barely human creatures. Perhaps there exists one in some ancient forgotten story who does not follow their sickening heritage, but that tale has been lost.


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