Races and Peoples of Anhvyad

The Commoners
Those who know little of Anhvyad would say that the streets are rife with the very worst scum the massive city has to offer, that these ruffians keep the good folk hidden away indoors and that if the guards could get themselves together and sort everything out the place would be the better for it. Those who know Anhvyad well are very aware that to clear out the scum and trash of Anhvyad would be to empty the majority of the city. Anhvyadian occupation usually sits somewhere between 'thug' and 'brute', and occasionally 'street scum'.  The majority of these people are human, though there is a somewhat surprisingly large Goliath population, not to mention the various immigrants or squatters who find their place in the city.

The Nobility
In most countries and city states the nobility of the place are usually a smaller breed of people with exclusive privileges. This is likely not the case in Anhvyad. Noble houses are expansive in quite frankly ridiculous ways, with descendants and would-be inheritors grasping at the faintest of scraps to demonstrate their pride and capability compared to the lowlives they show their distaste for. 
Noble taste and fashion changes on a whim in Anhvyad in strange but practical ways. Perhaps one day the habits of the people are to hire rat throwers, so the fashion becomes elaborate face cages. Perhaps other days caltrops will be thrown outside manor doors, and massive sandals are worn as response. At one point in time, the fashion was to wear one's right sleeve so that it fanned out and took the appearance of a bird's wing, but nobody can remember why.

Non-humans in Anhvyad
The non-humans of the giant city are not near as visible as they would be in other countries and continents. That being said, there are very few places that you can find such a large variety of them. Goliaths, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, elves, lizardfolk, tieflings, dragonborn, all can be found if you look below the surface level presented on the outset. Non-human nobility is rare, but building relationships with those nobles of inhuman blood is sure to bring prestige.


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