Races and Peoples of Plattez

Silver Elves
The elves of Plattez are unlike those in Famorri and Rolthlond. Their skin is a pale silver, radiant in the light of both sun and moon, and their eyes range from solid black to faint grey. They have the affinity with beasts known across all elven kinds, but only those native to Plattez. As such, wandering silver elves may be seen accompanied by scaled doglike beings or man sized lizards.
The skilled of these elves may challenge even the most capable dwarven artisans in their habits of stonecraft and knowledge of jewels. This too is reflected in the architecture of the land, lending the country a dignified look, detailed and cubelike.
Family by blood is of less importance to the silver elves. Instead, when an elf reaches the age of maturity, they are sent to live with many different communities, to build relations and wisdom among a range of people, and may choose some select some choice individuals to refer to with familial terms.

Dragonborn in Plattez
Legend has it that the silver skinned dragon kin were not native to Plattez, but they have lived there for so many years that it makes little difference. They are more insular and familial than the elves, but when pushed will help and shelter those who need it.
The lands of Plattez seem to have an odd effect on the dragon kin. Those born in the lands, or those who stay for a considerable amount of time, all develop a silver sheen to their scales, ending with their initial colouring as nothing more than a faint reflection visible only to the most perceptive. This does not impact the natural magics of a dragonborn, such as their breath of elemental comforts, but may still cause some discomfort to those not native.

Underdark Immigrants
With the plentiful entrances to the Underdark found in Plattez, there are also plentiful people looking to escape its clutches. Of these, Svirfneblin are the most common, kind gnomes that are often referred to as dwarvish in their ambitions, longing mainly to craft beautiful things and mine out larger homes for their kind. When below the ground however, they must contest with so many foul things, ranging anywhere from the sadistic peoples to the beings of the deep to the very environment itself. As such, these gnomes will often take up pilgrimage above ground, to find a life of less danger.
The inhabitants of Plattez look upon these people with kindness and sadness, perhaps to the point of condescension. A svirfneblin can find safety and peace aboveground, but will find it hard to excel or progress in the way they may be able to in the darkness below.
Rarely, a duregar may have a change of heart and go against the habits of their kin, to come up above and seek a life of some peace. The paranoia about the duregar never quite leaves, and even if one is accepted into a town or city they may still have difficulty maintaining a positive reputation. This is still a better reception than any drow receives, who are a breed of people with too much evil in their past to forget or forgive.


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